Friday, January 20, 2012

FRIDAY FREEBIE: FREE Printable Chinese New Year Curriculum Reader and Math

As a thank you for following me, here is my FRIDAY FREEBIE: PRINTABLE Chinese New Year Curriculum for 1st through 4th grade. It will be free through Teachers Pay Teachers this evening for two hours! Click HERE. Afterwards, it's still a good deal for less than $2.50.

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with this printable worksheet Chinese New Year curriculum for the classroom and homeschoolers for students in 1st-4th grade.

This teacher created Chinese New year packet includes an original teacher written book titled "The Legend of Nian." Nian is the dragon legended to have come into Chinese villages and eat people until the people came up with a plan to scare him away with loud noises and fireworks.

Next the package includes a page of reading comprehension questions.

Then you'll find a math activity where students must solve fractions to save the Chinese village of Fraction. Please check out the preview. It contains the entire package in preview mode. The math lesson allows for differentiated instruction with four fraction levels of the same page in the package. You could also use these levels for the same student as the student works more with fractions. Finally, there is a map of the Village of Fraction that the students will color based on the fraction sheet--This is fun math!

While not in the package, I suggest that you follow up with an art activity. Ask students to create a Nian puppet using a small paper bag. Hurry! Here's the FRIDAY FREEBIE link again:

Please follow me to learn more about ways to celebrate in the classroom and for special FRIDAY FREEBIES!

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