Friday, January 20, 2012

FRIDAY FREEBIE: FREE Printable Chinese New Year Curriculum Reader and Math

As a thank you for following me, here is my FRIDAY FREEBIE: PRINTABLE Chinese New Year Curriculum for 1st through 4th grade. It will be free through Teachers Pay Teachers this evening for two hours! Click HERE. Afterwards, it's still a good deal for less than $2.50.

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with this printable worksheet Chinese New Year curriculum for the classroom and homeschoolers for students in 1st-4th grade.

This teacher created Chinese New year packet includes an original teacher written book titled "The Legend of Nian." Nian is the dragon legended to have come into Chinese villages and eat people until the people came up with a plan to scare him away with loud noises and fireworks.

Next the package includes a page of reading comprehension questions.

Then you'll find a math activity where students must solve fractions to save the Chinese village of Fraction. Please check out the preview. It contains the entire package in preview mode. The math lesson allows for differentiated instruction with four fraction levels of the same page in the package. You could also use these levels for the same student as the student works more with fractions. Finally, there is a map of the Village of Fraction that the students will color based on the fraction sheet--This is fun math!

While not in the package, I suggest that you follow up with an art activity. Ask students to create a Nian puppet using a small paper bag. Hurry! Here's the FRIDAY FREEBIE link again:

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The 100th Day of School: Free Printable Ebook

It's time for some 100 Days of School fun! Do you need some classroom ready resources, free printables, or worksheets to teach about the 100th day of school? You are in luck. For a limited time, I am giving away my printable Ebook that includes free 100th day of school printables and worksheets titled The 100th day of School: Ebook of Fun and One Hundred.

This Ebook uses the 100th Day of School to teach across the curriculum. You can use these 100 Days of School handouts in your classroom or at home.

Students will write, read, research, practice math skills and spelling skills, and even use a few art skills as they celebrate the 100th Day of School. Students will even learn about Benjamin Franklin and the Titanic as they use the 100th day of school as a basis to learn about history too! Please share about this free ebook with your friends and link to this post. Thanks!
{EXPIRED 1/16--link goes to Tpt paid version now} Click HERE to get your free copy of The 100th Day of School: Ebook of Fun and One Hundred

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Friday, January 6, 2012

China: Celebrating the Chinese New Year in the Classroom

Chinese New Year Curriculum: January is the month for some fun classroom celebrations! The Chinese New Year starts on January 23rd this year. Use the Chinese New Year in your classroom to supplement your social studies lessons with lots of fun classroom activities, crafts, poetry, and more.


First, we read Chinese New Year icon by Kate Marsico.

icon iconI really enjoy reading books from this Cultural Holidays series. Some of the other books in the series cover Cinco de Mayo, Christmas, Ramadan, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa.

The reading level is just right for 2nd graders and the book covers many aspects about the Chinese New Year with enough detail to make it interesting for children. I'm one still searching for a social studies book that engages and teaches with more than just a lot of pictures and a few words, so these Cultural Holidays books do a great job to supplement our social studies curriculum.


This year is the Year of the Dragon!!! We learned about the Legend of Nian. Nian was a terrible dragon who, on on the Chinese New year, ventured into villages and ate any person he saw. Soon, the villagers discovered that this dragon was afraid of loud noises and red, so they started shooting fireworks and covering the village with red including red lanterns.

For our lesson today, we used a small paper bag, glue, and construction paper to create our own Nian. The directions were to be creative and have fun.

To teach about point of view, I've got a great writing prompt to go along with this topic:

Imagine that you are Nian. You are hungry. It's the beginning of the Chinese New Year. You are going to the village for your yearly snack, but something if different this year. What do you see?


Let your students make lots more noise when they write couplet and post them on red paper. The Chinese New Year books shares more about couplets too. A couplet contains two lines of poetry that are about the same length. They don't have to rhyme, but it's better if you can make them rhyme. The students should write a couplet about the Chinese New Year, Nian, Red, or The Year of the Dragon.

Let your students read these poems to try to scare their Lian puppets away.

Here's a site with some sample student couplets for your students to use as inspirations: Mrs. Barnes' class poems

Pat yourself on the back. You are really teaching across the curriculum today! The Chinese New Year is based on the moon cycle. Use this resource for your students to learn more about the phases of the moon. The Phases of the Moon.

Check out my Teachers Pay Teachers store Chinese New Year Curriculum:  Reader and Math Unit here: Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education, Homeschooler, Staff -

Enjoy and Happy Chinese New Year