Thursday, December 8, 2011

Snowflake Christmas Quilts and Integrating Art, Reading, and Math

Here's a great, easy, and fun activity to do during the Christmas holidays: Create a snowflake quilt and integrate art, reading, and math!
Read "The Quilt Story" by Tony Johnston. (This is also a selection in Reading Street, 2nd grade.)

Next, create your own snowflake quilt. Get red, white, green, and black construction paper. Choose one color for the background. Then folder the other three sheets in half lengthwise.

Cut those sheets in half--you can share the other half with another child.

With the three half sheets of paper, fold each one in half and then in half again. You will have four rectangles. Use the creases to cut out the four rectangles. Continue until you have twelve rectangles total (you will only need eight.).

Then get ready to make your snowflakes. Fold each rectangle in half and then half again.

Finally, make a triangle fold a the edge.

Cut shapes out of your rectangles like squares, hearts, or even more rectangles.

When you're done cutting, open each rectangle. Place them in a pattern on the last full sheet of contractions paper to make a quilt. If you have lots of students, you can place the finished snowflake quilts next to each other to create an even bigger class quilt.

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