Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pearl Harbor Lesson Plan for Elementary Students

Here’s a lesson for younger students to learn more about Pearl Harbor Day.


Introduce students to a Pearl Harbor survivor. Take your students to the article in The Gaston Gazette:
Ask your students to first listen to the video of Jack Leach as he talks to his great grandson’s 2nd grade class.  Then ask them to read the article. Finally, ask them to play the slide show and look for the medals and the Hawaiian dollar.

Reading Guide
What is the solder's name?
Where was he stationed?
What was he doing when the bombing happened?
What did he think was happening?
Why did everyone think Pearl Harbor was safe?
What souvenir did he keep with him?
What would have happened if he got caught? 


Next, show your students footage from Pearl Harbor day. Here’s a video from YouTube posted by dizzo95:


Finally, end your lesson with a virtual field trip to the Modesto Radio Museum at
Allow your students to explore the online museum page and listen to radio broadcasts from Pearl Harbor day.

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